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Webmonkey: The Web Developer's Resource
A long-running archive of articles, tutorials and quick reference info. A very good place to get to grips with a range of web design and building fundamentals.
Streaming Media World: Streaming Video Tutorials
A mine of information about streaming media with a collection of tutorials on audio, cideo and Flash.
Film Sound Design - Film Sound Theory
A fascinating site, and the only place to start if you are interested in the use of sound in film and video.
Itrainonline: Internet Video
Technical tutorials providing step-by-step guides to shooting, capturing, editing and encoding video for delivery on the web.
Video recording formats
Technical definitions of the various formats you might film on.
Comprehensive TV Production Course
There's plenty to read in this hefty tutorial which goes into the details and some of the theory involved in the process of television production.
The Learning Alliance and QuickTime VR
A clear description of how to make QuicktimeVR panoramas and objects.
Digital Video Primer
Everything that you might need to know about is linked to from within Dave Nacy's overview of producing digital video using FireWire.
Digital Media and iMovie Resources
Everything about iMovie and Quicktime with tutorials and explanations, mainly for mac users.
Online Courses, Learning & Distance Education
A categorized directory of online learning resources. Some of them cost, but there are many hours of tutorials which are entirely free online.
Online Courses in Photography
Online Writing Courses
Online Courses for Ezine Publishers
Online Graphic Design Courses
HTML Tutorials & Online Web Design


Articles and interviews, as well as research links for the working writer.
Break into Screenwriting: script marketing
Not be the most flashily designed but when it comes to tips on writing for the movies it's pretty unbeatable with invaluable inside information from business experts.
Scriptwriter's resource offering a webpage to free joiners as well as news, info, articles and some movies.
Drew's Script-O-Rama
Drew's Script-O-Rama, the place you know and love for free movie scripts. Lots of draft versions as well - see how movies developed through the writing stages.
One of the original internet projects! The project stores and catalogues written texts which are out of copyright and in the public domain.
Writers' Guild of Great Britain - Home
Language Dictionaries
There are 6800 known languages spoken in 191 countries. Fewer than 1,000 have writing systems (the others are only spoken) and currently over 260 are represented by on-line dictionaries. Here they are. Portal to every written word.
Roget's Thesaurus online. Very usable and often inspirational. When stuck, look it up.
Black on White
A useful destination for writers of any kind. "Above all, it is a web site designed to help writers overcome hurdles (including fear) that are preventing them from producing pages on a regular basis."


Free Online Training Tutorials
Free online tutorials in a wide variety of training topics including programming, web development, internet, linux, perl, windows, e-commerce, HTML, flash and MS Office.
National Museum of Photography, Film & Television
A nice site with a range of online museum experiences for the virtual visitor. Plenty of media history & info to be found in the Insight Collection.
Video University - articles and guides
More than 60 guides, some general, some more specific, including How To Shoot In A Car, Build Your Own Steadicam, Copyright, Camera Reviews, Camerawork, etc.
Journal and discussion salon promoting a philosophical review of cinema and film studies. Combines original review/articles with immediate email response and argument. Deeper than the Hollywood view.
QTVR Online Virtual Tutor
The Learning Alliance provide the QuickTime VR Online Tutor, a self-paced course in creating QTVR panoramas, objects, and scenes. A good overview of QTVR, how it works, what it does, and how you create with it.
Cyber Film School Moviemaking Website
Articles, turorials, news and examples of short film for internet, distribution, scriptwriting, editing etc. Good set of categorised links as well.
The SoundSpeed Movie Database
Plenty of useful information on how to achieve good quality sound for your productions.
FilmFour - Making Movies
Articles to assist the short film maker - including Actor's Agent, Hollywood Screenwriter, Independent Cinema Distributor, Producing, DOP, Cinematographer, Casting, Developing, Talent, Distributing Short Films, Sound Engineering, Screen Writing.
EducationGuardian.co.uk | Media Studies
A collection of very useful links for media studies students with descriptions of the sites linked to. Provided by the Guardian for teachers and students alike.
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