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Director Online
One of the best Director support sites with regular tutorials on all aspects of Director and Shockwave. Some Flash as well.
Macromedia Web Player Download Center
The place to get the free download of Macromedia's Shockwave Player plug-in for your browser.
Interactive Showcases on IFILM.com
urban bedtime stories: an iTV prototype
Interactive venture which required the use of an American cable tv with an online computer alongside the telly screen. Highly innovative interactive storytelling, now over but some interesting ideas remain.
Guardian Article about urbanbedtimestories.com
Thurs Nov 15, 2001. A Scottish software company has found itself at the forefront of a groundbreaking experiment in interactive TV launched in Manhattan last week.
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Online Game
Can you make it to a million? It's only a million dollars rather than pounds, and the easier questions are somewhat harder as they are for an American audience, but there is one huge bonus. Chris Tarrant is nowhere to be seen!
Who Wants to be a Millionaire
The UK version of the Millionaire website with the same sort of quiz.
Quite simply one of the best Flash sites made to date. The Virtual Tour is amazing, with all of the panoramas powered by Flash - less interactive than Quicktime within the panorama, but superb pano to map graphics. Inspirational stuff.


Fasthosts destinytv hosting
Analog: WWW logfile analysis
Report Magic for Analog
PHP: Manual: PHP Manual
Macromedia - Shockwave Lobby
Guardian - Open Source Software
Bill Gates beware: open source is flourishing even if the companies are not. The nature of Open Source Software such as Linux and it's uphill struggle against the corporate software monoliths. Includes Steve Balmer's wonderful, self-damning line on Linux.
cooltown dev network
Cooltown is Hewlett Packard's vision of a technology future where people, places, and things are first class citizens of the connected world, wired and wireless. Clues for what the future may hold.
Good budget webspace provider.
Microsoft Design Gallery Live
Loads of clip art, animated gifs, sounds and photos for you to use. Constantly updated with a surprising amount of high quality artwork.
Portland Communications
Free web hosting for sites of up to 15Mb. 100Mb/month transfer limit. Choose a name to replace ??????.port5.co.uk - better than many! Doesnt work from behind firewalls - you cant upload from Somervale :(.
Email, Weblogs & Internet Help
Guardian | Keeping an online diary
Working the web: Keeping a diary. Never miss a meeting again - organise your life with an online manager. A guide to web-based personal information management.
Guardian | Email
A guide to the world of email on the web told through links.
Netiquette Home Page -- A Service of Albion.com
Network etiquette - the etiquette of cyberspace - a set of rules for behaving properly online.
Internet Basics and Newbies Courses
WebWise - Home
BBC Learning for Adults's section of the vast BBC website. Plenty of areas of interest and Webwise, beginners how-to's about the internet.
Life Online | Email and other tools
Links to email software and other commonly used internet applications.
Ten Things you might not know about the Internet
The title says it all.
Nua How Many Users Online
Running stats as to how many people use the internet, subdivided by continent - and America isnt as all-important as it seems to think!
Guardian | Public convenience
How to create and run your own weblog explained in easy steps - Anyone can do it!
Life Online | Directory
The Guardian's beginners directory to the internet.
Guardian | Searchengines
Article about why Google is the major search engine.
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