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Guardian Unlimited
Undisputed market leader in online news and one of the best 'designed for function' websites around. Extensive special reports, audio, interaction and news. A world class service which expands on the services provided by other newspapers online.
ABCNEWS.com: Home
Heavyweight American news broadcaster's online facility.
BBC News | Front Page
The BBC's online news channel - one of the most respected news destinations in the world.
Ananova - www.ananova.com
Well cross-referenced news website ranging from the serious to the lighthearted. Quality news, with the added gimmick of a 3D modelled news presenter - Ananova herself.
Independent News
The Independent newspaper also has a good online news facility.
The Times Internet Edition
Latest news, features, and searchable archive of info from the Times' online division.
Electronic Telegraph
The Telegraph's website covers almost the entire newspaper. Includes searchable archive.
Press Association : The nation's news agency
Fast, accurate and impartial news and information for media, business and government organisations. As the national news agency of the UK and Ireland, the PA is at the heart of the media industry.
The Onion | America's Finest
Sometimes satirical, sometimes outrageous, but always good for a giggle - the famous American journal has some great weird news and an AV section as well.
Guardian Unlimited | Newsguide
Guardian Unlimited's country-by-country directory of news and government websites. To view resources from a country, use the map or the list below.


One of the major Technology portals.
Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters
More computer news.
BBC Web Wise - Making The Net Work For Us All
Bill Thompson's regular column on the BBC's Webwise site. Webwise is a useful resource for all information and news relating to the web and it's uses.
Media Week
UK media industry publication carrying the latest news.
Netribution - UK Film Industry News & Information
Self-funded cinema industry resource offering useful stuff, including listings of funding bodies, market analysis and worldwide contacts, plus interviews with industry figures and two news feeds.
TV Go Home
Comedy/spoof TV listings website that has now spawned a book and a Channel 4 TV show from the 11 O'Clock Show team.
DV & Firewire Central - The No Bull Technology Site
All sorts of info about DV and Firewire, their uses and the industry.
Images: A Journal of Film and Popular Culture
An impressive, intelligent magazine about movies and popular culturea. Recent reviews as well as well-linked, illustrated articles about various aspects of film culture through history.
Rhizome Digest helps keep you abreast of Net Art News and emerging terminology in the art world. It also directs you to recent online featured artworks. Artistic content for its own sake.
MediaChannel.org - A Global Network of Media
An independent general media news and discussion website.


EducationGuardian.co.uk | DestinyTV article
Destiny calling - From sports to soap operas, a Somerset school is fostering a community spirit using video and the internet. Tuesday October 2, 2001 - Guardian article about DestinyTV
HTV West: Online
Bath and North East Somerset Council home page


Film making legal faqs
Multimedia Workshop
A useful glossary of multimedia terminology.
WWW Multimedia Law-Internet contracts,licenses
Keeping you ahead with sources for copyright and media law, including downloadable forms and contracts.
Multimap.com: Online Maps to Everywhere
If you have to find your way to just about anywhere in the world, this is the place to start - get yourself a roadmap to help you get there in a hurry. Find the place using the postcode, the grid reference or search using keywords.
The Met.Office Home Page
Everything you would expect from our national weather institution. Check out the forecast for your crucial location shoot, in Midsomer Norton or Venezuela!
Sunrise/sunset times
Calculate the likelyhood of decent light for your shoot with the help of this table. Just enter Midsomer Norton in the box provided. You might want to check out the weather forecast and bear in mind that we run a little later than GMT.

Media Directories

Mandy's Film and TV Directory
Mandy's Film and TV Directory - an internet reference book of professional service-providers in the film and television industry
FATCAT - UK Production Directory
Contact details for many people and companies involved in media production in the UK.
Spotlight Casting on the Web
An example of a casting agent's website.
Shooting People: UK Film Network
The place to sign up for three daily email networks covering general filmaking, screenwriting and casting in the UK. All free to join, the filmmaking one is particularly active. 5,500+ members, crews up about 10 productions each week.
UK screen - UK Film and Music Network: Crewing
An impressive new service for UK film industry professionals and wannabes. Film-makers, actors, musicians and agents can enter their details in the huge searchable database. A bulletin board also increases the site's functionality.
Netribution - UK Film Industry News & Info
News of funding opportunities for film, TV and New Media projects.


Welcome to the (British) Musicians' Union
Mechanical Copyright Protection Society - MCPS
Houses of Parliament Home Page
Microcinema Inc.
Promoting and cultivating international media making and exhibition culture - The Microcinema Movement. Microcinemas are alternative venues that feature films, videos, and other cinematic art that can't be found elsewhere.
The Department for Culture, Media and Sport
Government Department with policy responsibility for museums, galleries and libraries, the built heritage, the arts, sport, education, broadcasting and the media and tourism, as well as the creative industries, the Millennium and the Lottery.
British Film Commission
The aim of the BFC website is to provide film-makers working, or considering working, in the UK with clear, concise and accurate information about the many excellent services, facilities, locations and personnel the UK has to offer.

Local links

First City Line - The principal bus operator
Midsomer Norton Residents Handbook
General information for residents of Midsomer Norton, Radstock, Paulton and Peasedown St. John from Standbrook Guides.
Radstock and Midsomer Norton Directory
A directory providing a comprehensive guide to businesses and activities in the area. A source of information for those living locally and those further afield who would like to use the numerous resources available in the area.
Guardian | Aristotle | Wansdyke
Constituency info for Wansdyke.
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