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Web TV & Video

The site you are currently visiting - Norton Radstock's community webTV station - your resource for media production and streaming.
A major online entertainment destination. Now incorporating Atom Films which is one of the best collections of video on the web, this is the place to browse some excellent films, music, animation, interaction and games.
IFILM - The Internet Movie Guide
A large but easy to navigate site where you will find plenty of good video content streamed in a variety of formats and bandwidths.
QuickTime TV
Apple's own video format works on PCs as well. They link to a variety of quality mainstream Quicktime video feeds.
MediaChannel Guide
A basic listing of many websites hosting video and full length movies.
BijouFlix Streaming Movies
One of the very first streaming web sites on the Internet, Bijou Cafe is still around. The Cafe is a conduit to short, feature and experimental films typically unavailable in any other form of distribution.
Somerset Film & Video
A local group who assist the community in making videos. There is a good collection of one minute films made by people in Glastonbury and Bridgewater.
Internet Film Community - independent free films
That just about says it all - An independent flavour video channel with a good batch of free-thinking video.
Britshorts - Europe's newest short film studio
Showcasing the work of British short film makers at Europe's premiere short film studio.
The online student film festival and resource. Quicktime and Real Player.
Partner of the Short Film Bureau, MyMovies is a British short film and news site.
i-Contact Video Network
Bristol-based video activists website. Plenty of useful information about making low budget video programmes.
Undercurrents Alternative Media Links
Underground video links to people who are using digital media as video activists.
A good collection of short films distributed on the internet.

Movie Info

The Internet Movie Database
Comprehensive film database containing vast quantities of cross referenced info on films and film culture.
Mainly about the Sundance Film Festival which is one of the main independent film festivals.

Broadcast TV

Channel 4 Television
BBC Online - Homepage
BBC Online - Bristol - Index
HTV West: Online
Channel 5 Online
Homepage for Channel 5 with info about their content.
ITV's website with news and articles about their current programmes.
ITC - Independent Television Commission
The body that licenses and regulates commercially funded television services in the UK. They look after viewersÕ interests by setting and maintaining the standards for programmes, advertising and technical quality.
Broadcasting Standards Commission
Maintaining standards in changing times. The BSC deal with upholding standards and values in broadcasting and complaints about the nature of programming.

New Media

Apple (UK and Ireland)
QuickTime Showcase - New Media
Adobe Systems Incorporated
Welcome to Avid.com
RealPlayer Home Page
Microsoft UK


Digital Media Net
Good set of professional digital media production magazines. Publications for many different fields in the media industry.
Screen Digest is one of the international media business's leading news and market research journals.
filmmaking.net - movies filmmaking independents
Digital Video Editing
VFXPro - The Daily Visual Effects Resource
cinematography.com - Professional Motion Picture Camera People & Resources
DV Format
Videomaker Magazine The Videography FAQ
Videomaker Magazine has compiled this list of questions frequently asked by camcorder users in the effort to help you leap over the hurdles of technical jargon and concepts straight into the rewarding craft of making movies.




Favorites --- Learning --- Resources --- WebTV --- Online
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