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Our current screenings include Lisa The Cleaner, Mo The People's Nun, the Tribe Of Doris Refugee Week event, a documentary about Norton Radstock, coverage of Big Top 2003, and another music video from local band Popacatapetl. Visit the Latest Videos page to find out more. A selection of our recent videos can still be seen here.

Voices Of Norton Radstock
A documentary about peoples lives in Norton Radstock has been shown at various events around the area. Made by DestinyTV, this insight into the opinions of locals can also be seen here on this website in the Latest Videos section.

DestinyTV Forum Now Online
One of the first things to happen when DestinyTV entered its unfunded phase was the setting up of a Forum where crews can meet, you can get your technical questions answered, and you can leave feedback for the makers of the videos. Check it out here.

DestinyTV Investigates Refugee Week
A DestinyTV team went to College Green, Bristol to see what was happening during Refugee Week. Tribe Of Doris were there encouraging dancing, drumming and awareness right in front of the Council House. We talked to the organisers to find out why this is such an important event for people working in Bristol as well as the refugees themselves.

Coastal & Market Towns Initiative
A DestinyTV crew went out on the streets to help local artist Gary Legg to gather opinions from Norton Radstock residents as to how new funding could be used to best serve the community. These interviews were edited and added to Gary’s presentation of his research as direct evidence of how people on the street wanted to see regeneration funding spent.

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We are still building teams of people of all ages with all levels of experience. Why not join us? Once you have had some basic training production can begin. Exactly what you will be working on we don’t know, that’s up to you. Join a DestinyTV production team and have a say, and a hand in the output of your local online television channel. If you are interested or even excited by the prospect of making your own television programmes using state-of-the-art digital equipment, get in touch. Also if you have scripts that you would like to get made, or an idea for a show that could outsell Big Brother! Take the opportunity to join our community production teams now and see your masterpiece streamed over the web.

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