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Cal's Travelling Garden at Tribe Of Doris
The most peaceful spot at a most peaceful event had to be Cal's Garden. Placed in a corner near the saunas Cal had constructed a natural zone shaded by the mature trees on the slope. What makes this garden so unique is that it can be seen at many events throughout the summer - the plants and objects travel from place to place in the back of Cal's van which brings the Doctor's tardis to mind. We asked Cal why she does what she does in this short interview.

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Further Info
This video is part of a larger project looking at the Tribe Of Doris Intercultural Summer School which took place August 2002 in the Blackdown Hills on the border of Devon and Somerset.

Other short pieces looking at other aspects of the event are available on this site, and we are currently working on a longer programme about the ideas behind this unique summer school.

There is also a more recent video from the Tribe of Doris Refugee Week 2003 event on College Green, Bristol.
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You can find out more about Tribe Of Doris events on their website. Click their logo to open the site in a new window:

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  • Cals Travelling Garden looks like a peaceful spot. Nice idea. Would have been good to have shots of her arriving or leaving with all the plants though rather than just sitting amongst them.
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