Tribe Of Doris: Middle Eastern Rhythms

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Middle Eastern Rhythms at Tribe Of Doris
Chas, an aficionado of Middle Eastern Rhythms and teacher at the Tribe Of Doris Intercultural Summer School, tells us about his passion for the music and why this event is such a unique educational opportunity. The music workshops at the event build towards the Berber Ewash, a traditional party where everyone gets to perform as well as enjoy the spectacle. The music is led by the talented Hassan Erraji with Jaqui Jamal encouraging the partygoers to join her in the Middle Eastern dances.

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Further Info
This video is part of a larger project looking at the Tribe Of Doris Intercultural Summer School which took place August 2002 in the Blackdown Hills on the border of Devon and Somerset.

Other short pieces looking at other aspects of the event are available on this site, and we are currently working on a longer programme about the ideas behind this unique summer school.

You can find out more about Tribe Of Doris events on their website. Click their logo to open the site in a new window:

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  • "Lovely to be reminded of the special time that we had at the Berber Ewash." Siobhan Keirans
  • "The music and dance look beautiful. How did you get that effect? And I didnt even notice anyone filming!" Mel Shearsmith


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