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I Was A Little Baby Once.
Members of Swallow attend a Poetry Can poetry and video project that they have named On The Line. It is based at the Swallow office in Midsomer Norton and they have been meeting for a year, creating poems, videos, photographs and artwork. As part of the project they went to Somervale School to work with
Helen Hewitt and DestinyTV to make an animation of a poem, which was a wonderful experience.

"First I made a baby collage, then I wrote a poem. I then drew a storyboard for the animation. We made bricks with letters on, teddy bear, dollies, a chair, a baby, wings and custard out of plasticene. Then we used a camera and computer to capture each frame and moved the models. When it all came together I was very happy, it really made me laugh"
Debbie Metcalf (poet of "I was a little baby once")

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Further Info
On the line members are Helen Adams, Debbie Metcalf, Heather Mallet, Keith Sparey, Paul Davis, Clarissa Turner and Ann Westcott. The project's artists are Claire Williamson (poet) and Cluna Donnelly (filmmaker). On The Line are putting on an exciting show as part of the Bath Festival with poetry, video, drama and music. It will be at the Somer Centre on March 6th 2004.

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  • "Brilliant. This was my favorite video.
    Well done everyone.
    I hope you are making another one because I can't wait to see it!"
  • "Yes! I love this video. A lovely animation and poem.
    I hope everyone enjoyed making it. "
  • "Very good. A perfect poem well illustrated.
    Go on, make another one. I'll watch it! "
  • "Better than Wallace and Grommit!
    I loved it, well done."


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