What would you like to watch?
What would you like to make?

As DestinyTV is still assembling the production teams we are completely open to your ideas and efforts. Send us your ideas of what you would like to see your community channel used for. Or join a community production team and help create DestinyTV’s output! Many of the ideas below are just that – ideas. They need someone to pick them up and run with them. Could that be you?

Every month a DestinyTV team will produce a feature on a local band or aspect of the music scene. The section will gradually develop into an online catalogue of local musical talent. We’d also like to offer an internet radio broadcast of recordings by local bands, so if you think you can compile, mix and present such a thing, please get in touch.

Local Features
Local news, community, sport, history & features are all possibilities at DestinyTV. Make full use of your own local internet TV channel to get your views across, to publicise events, to raise a profile or to reflect your own experience of life in the area. Would you make a good reporter for DestinyTV? And would that be in the Trevor MacDonald or the Ali G style?

Drama & Documentary
Everyone has at least one good idea for a television programme, but only rarely are there opportunities to realise those ideas. DestinyTV offers you the facilities to plan, shoot and edit your own video production, and then provides an active online showcase for your work. You supply the ideas and the effort, and we provide advice on your scripts and shooting plans, assistance with the technical skills and support with the production process. Join Us.

Interactive & Animation
DestinyTV will help you to complete your animated ideas and prepare them for exhibition online. Cartoons, animations and interactive novelties are some of the most popular media on the web. We are showcasing locally made work, so submit your animated pieces or get your idea for one made using the facilities at DestinyTV.

Local Soap
Interactive and just a touch outrageous, this is the show where everyone gets to influence the outcome. Anything can happen, as long as half the cast and crew get the chop every three months! You decide what goes on – and who goes off. Check it out now, if you want to be in on it from the beginning... or even IN it from the beginning? Budding TV stars, cast and crew in the Norton Radstock area, get in touch.

So what’s your programme about?
Will it be a documentary, a news report, a thriller, a comedy, a spoof, a drama, a horror, a cartoon, a nature film, profile of a hobby, covering a local event, an expose, a love story, a joke, a memory, a biography, a quiz show, a homage, a Big Brother rip-off or a Hollywood blockbuster set in Paulton?

There’s room for it all on DestinyTV!

Get involved now and help shape Norton Radstock’s online television station.

It takes all sorts to produce television for the web - Get In Touch

email: info@destinytv.org.uk  | Telephone: 01761 414051