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Norton Radstock Through The Eyes Of Residents
A documentary airing people's opinions, memories and hopes for the future of their local area. DestinyTV teams interviewed extensively to record the views of a broad cross-secion of the population to include in this interesting and locally relevant programme.

Initially made to introduce the local Partnerships conference at the Centurion Hotel, it has since been screened at various public meetings and conferences as an introduction to the area and it's population.

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Further Info
As the Single Regeneration Budget funding draws to a close, it is being replaced by a new round of funding, The Coastal And Market Towns Initiative. This will encourage further developments in the area. Why not come along to DestinyTV and use your local video production facility to examine the changes that will be taking place.

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  • "It is a very good programme. I think it should be seen more often in Norton Radstock. It isnt very often that you get to hear such a range of views and public opinion."
    D Stairs
  • "A well put together video giving a good overview of the area. I realise that this was made for a specific purpose but it is just the sort of local community video that should be available all over the web. Every town should have one."


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